Welcome to Arrivy

Welcome to the Arrivy documentation portal. Arrivy was designed to make home service businesses more profitable and their customers happier by automating coordination and communications.

You can use the search box on the left to perform keyword search across the documentation. Or, use the sidebar menu to navigate to a document of interest. This guide is broken into several sections:

  • Getting Started contains the Arrivy QuickStart Guide. If you want to get up and running, quickly, the QuickStart Guide introduces core concepts and tools.
  • The Three Views discusses the perspectives of 1) Schedulers/Dispatch, 2) Field Crew and 3) Customers and how Arrivy enhances their engagement and workflow. It is particularly oriented towards Schedulers and Dispatchers and deals with some of Arrivy’s tools that enhance communications with field crews.
  • Tasks & Calendars describes how to set up regular tasks, repeating tasks and unscheduled tasks and the tools Arrivy provides to visualize those tasks.
  • Team & Equipment explains how to set up team/crew members and equipment within Arrivy and the various permissions that you can assign to those entities. It also details Arrivy’s Team Notifications feature which sends email/SMS reminders to team members before jobs.
  • Customers provides details on how to set up customers within the service and how Arrivy archives customer jobs for later reference.
  • Reporting describes charts and graphs that Arrivy generates to help provide business insights.
  • Settings contains reference materials on how to setup and customize the Arrivy experience.
  • Mobile Apps discusses Arrivy’s iOS and Android apps and how they can be used in the field

We hope your experience with Arrivy is enjoyable and productive. If you have any questions or find any issues with this guide, please email us at info@arrivy.com.


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