Forms and Tasks

In order to make forms available to Tasks, they must be published. To publish a form, choose Publish from the kabob menu or click the Publish link to the left of it.

The Forms list view

Forms must be published before they are available to Tasks

Once a form is published, it can be attached to a Task. In the Task Details page, click on the Attach Form button to bring your list of published forms and select those you would like to be available with your Task.

Attach forms through the Task Details page

Attach forms through the Task Details page

There may be a variety of forms that are filled out as part of a job. Some of those forms may be internal–such as checklists. Others are customer-facing (such as a bill-of-lading) and need to be made available to customers. Arrivy uses the Share with Customer checkbox to indicate that a completed form will be posted and made available for customer download. All forms marked Share with Customer will be posted to the LiveTrack page when Completed.

This checkbox is available after a Document is attached to a Task or to a Template. Once the form is attached, you can mark it as a customer-facing form using the Share with Customer checkbox.

Forms and Templates

Templates are used to standardize the messages, attachments, extra fields and status buttons for certain types of jobs. Now, forms can also be added to Templates. When forms are added to Templates they appear on every Task that Template applies to. To enable forms on Templates, go to the Template of interest and turn on Forms with the switch on the right side of the forms section. Once this is enabled, you’ll see an Add Form button. Click it and add whichever forms you want to be present on that Template.

Forms can easily be added to Templates

Forms can easily be added to Templates

Sending Forms to Customers (pre-Task)

Some Forms–like a credit card authorization form–may need to be sent to customers in advance of the Task date. These forms can be sent manually through the Note interface in Task Status. Forms sent this way will record a Journal entry, and the note will include a link to the form which is hosted on the customer’s Live Track page. When the customer clicks on the link it will launch the Form with Cancel/Submit buttons. Remember–you must mark fields that the customer needs to fill out, with the Customer can edit checkbox in the Advanced panel of the field editing controls.

Upon clicking submit, a Journal entry will be created. When an Admin, Scheduler or crew opens the form, they will have the option of marking it Complete. Upon marking a Document complete, a PDF will be generated.

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