Using Forms in the Field

Forms are, of course, accessible to crew members via Arrivy’s mobile apps (as well as through the Arrivy web app. Forms can be launched directly from the Status panel. Each form can be launched from special buttons having the form name.

Forms can be launch from buttons on desktop or mobile

Forms can be launch from buttons on desktop or mobile

Completing a Form

In filling out a form, the crew/Scheduler can choose to Update the form (which preserves the intermediate state of form elements) or to Complete the form. When a form is marked Complete, form elements are Saved, a PDF is generated and a Journal entry is created with a link to the PDF. Additionally, if the Complete & Send button is selected, an email and/or text message is sent to the customer with information on how to access their forms.

Once the form is marked Complete, it is no longer editable by crew. If the crew clicks on a button to open a form after that form has been marked Complete, they will be have access to only Cancel and Send buttons. If you need to edit a form that has been marked Complete, that can be done by an Admin or Scheduler. Team members with the Admin or Scheduler role will see an additional Reopen For Editing button when they open a Complete form. Clicking that button nullifies the Complete state.

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