Create a New Bookings Calendar

To create a new booking calendar, go to Tasks, and click on the Bookings tab. All your bookings reside here.

Bookings Tab View

Clicking on New Booking + button will open the Booking window. There are three key categories (tabs) in a Booking Calendar.


Setup Tab View

Under the Setup tab, you can set the following basic information:

  • Booking Name
  • Description
  • Group in which the task will be created
  • Task Template to use for task creation. It allows you a refined control of the task properties, pre-attached forms, customer experience, crew experience, and dispatch options.
  • Category of Contact: Customer or Lead
  • Timezone to use for this booking


The Schedule tab allows you to customize the time slots available to your customers to book throughout the week. 

Schedule Tab View

In the Schedule tab, Arrivy will inherit the default settings from the template selected in the setup. Note that this feature will use the workdays and work hours you would have set for your account (Setting>Basic Settings). 

The details of what the settings help you do are as follows:

  1. Task Duration creates a task of the duration selected. 
  2. Buffer between tasks creates empty buffer spaces between the ending and starting times of slots.
  3. Number of tasks per slot allows the creation of multiple tasks per time slot. This will be useful for you if you can cater to numerous customers during a time.
  4. Minimum booking notice is the minimum amount of time required between slot booking and slot start time.
  5. Maximum bookings per day is an upper limit on the number of bookings in a day. 
  6. Working Hours allows you to customize the working hours each weekday. If you want to change the duration of a single working day, you can edit the fields next to the specific day. You can copy the same settings to all workdays by clicking on the “Apply to all” button or can set the custom settings for the available times for each weekday.
  7. Breaks: allow you to set a break time during each day to prevent slots at that time. You can copy the same settings to all workdays by clicking on Apply to all buttons or set custom settings for each weekday’s break time.

Booking Page

The Booking Page tab allows you to customize the content of the booking page for your customers.

Booking Page Tab View

The basic settings of the booking page are:

  • Title of the booking
  • Description of the booking

Note that this information is visible to the customer in their booking flow.

There is a form that you can customize to capture any necessary details of the booking. This could be contact details for job-specific properties. Arrivy will provide you with a default form for booking, and you can choose to edit that too if you want. Click on Save, and you will see the new booking calendar. 

Next, you can copy the link to the booking by clicking on the link button, send the link to the customer through your media choice (Email or Text), and they can book an appropriate slot. Copy Link to Booking button

When your customer books a slot, Arrivy creates a task with the information supplied in the booking form, i.e., date, times, etc.

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