Customer Experience of Bookings


Bookings allow customers to make appointments conveniently. They can choose a suitable time slot on the business’s booking calendar, and Arrivy will automatically create a task for the business in that slot and mark it booked. 

Arrivy Bookings feature provides a structure to your scheduling and the detailed capability to create custom scheduling rules from an operations perspective. From a customer standpoint, it eliminates multiple phone calls and provides a digital experience available in the palm of their hands, which they can use to find an ideal time slot.

Booking Process

It starts with a link. As the previous article outlined, once the business gets the Booking Calendar link, they share it with the customer. As soon as the customer clicks the link, they are taken to the booking calendar and follow the following steps:

Step 1: Select a Date

The customers can select the date that is convenient for them from the ones available. 

Image of the booking calendar for the customer to select a date and time slot for booking an appointment

Step 2: Select a Time Slot

Once a date is selected, available time slots for that day will appear in the right box. The customer can choose the time slot that suits them.

Step 3: Complete Form

The customer can fill out the associated form with all the questions related to the booking so that the business can be better equipped to serve.


Step 4: Confirm Booking

The slot will be booked with the details the customer had provided, and they may choose to add the event to their Google, Outlook, or Apple Calendars. Arrivy will send out booking confirmation to them via email or SMS.

Step 5: Reschedule or Cancel

Inside the confirmation email, there will be buttons allowing customers to confirm, cancel or reschedule their appointments.

Clicking on the buttons will take them to the Live Track page and they will be able to confirm the booking, cancel it, or re-select a date and time that suits them.

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