Arrivy’s Team Clock-In Clock-Out feature allows businesses to simplify crew time tracking for complex operations, and hence payroll. It allows the ability to categorize the time spent by each crew member at each stage of a task in the following four categories:

  • Work hours
  • Non-work hours
  • Travel hours
  • Not applicable

Moreover, schedulers and team leads now have the capability to selectively clock-in or clock-out any crew member assigned to a specific task. The crew can manipulate only their own clock-in clock-out states if needed. Some of the use-cases for this feature include:

  • Tasks that are done by a bigger team where each individual may arrive and depart at different times
  • Tasks that have many phases and where times need to be categorized appropriately
  • Managing breaks within a task


Team Clock-in Clock-out feature requires a few setup steps that are outlined below:

1. Make task templates “Clock-in Clock-Out” ready:

It’s important to configure task templates such that they allow Clock-In Clock-Out management for the crew, crew leads, and schedulers. Time reporting settings can be configured in Settings > Templates and Statuses. Turn off the following switch to get access to the granular controls.

Additionally, you can decide on how times should be reported that are spent between different task statuses. Please make sure to read the Template Configuration here.

2. Ensure Team Roles are Configured

Please review your team tab to make sure the user roles are appropriately assigned. The admins, schedulers, and team leads will have access to the functionality to “clock-in and clock-out” any crew member. Especially, team lead roles are crucial if you’d like someone to have this capability in the field. To learn more about user roles, please click here

Clock-In Clock-Out Experience

You can now create a task using the template you designed for the Clock-In Clock-Out feature. After the task has been created, the team lead can log into their account on web or mobile app and will see the following interface:

The arrow on the right of the assignees list will only appear if your role is anything above field crew. This option allows to manually mark Clock-In or Clock-Out for the individual assignee. Clicking on the arrow will bring up the following dialog:

A list of all the task assignees is displayed. The team lead or scheduler can manually select assignees, search them, select all or unselect all and then finally mark their status as Clock-In or Clock-Out.

With the introduction of this new feature, the businesses can configure each Task Status time categorization through the template. This could either be a Clock-In or Clock-Out. When Clocked-In, the spent time can be further categorized as work hours, non-work hours, travel hours and not applicable. In the task journal each status can be seen as a sub status on the right side, and the message states the assignees that were clocked in or clocked out with it.

In order to demonstrate the flexibility of this feature, let’s go over a scenario where the team is going on a break and you’d like the team lead to indicate which folks are going on a break. Upon clicking on Break status which has manual selection configured with it, the manual selection dialog opens. You can view the latest status of each assignee which in this case is Clocked In.

After selecting all assignees and marking CONFIRM-BREAK, Break status is displayed in the journal with Clock-Out as the sub status.

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