As the name implies, the “Customers” section contains a list of your customer records. These records can be easily inserted into Task details when creating new assignments.

Customer Data

In the case of Arrivy, it’s particularly important that customer information be accurate in order for Arrivy’s automated communications and location-track work correctly. You can find the customer database under the Customer tab in the main nav bar.

Press the “Create New Customer” button to start a new customer record or click on any customer entry to edit it. Information on the Customer Details page is largely self-explanatory:

  1. Name and address information
  2. Address search: will auto-suggest addresses base on entry
  3. Email and mobile number: Arrivy will send notifications and alerts via email and/or text when appointments have been scheduled, when the crew is enroute to the customer location and when the job starts/finishes. So, it is critical this information is correct.
  4. Notification switches: These switches govern how notifications are sent—email, SMS or both
  5. Tasks: All Tasks scheduled for, or complete for this customer are listed and are accessible through their customer record
Customer details page contains important contact info

Customer details page contains important contact info

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