Okta SSO

(How to set up OIDC Okta Single sign-on with Arrivy!)

To simplify user access to Arrivy, you can configure Single Sign-On (SSO) integration with your Okta application. The OIDC protocol can be used to enable Okta SSO.

Setting up Okta with Arrivy is a two-step process. Add the Arrivy App to your Okta Organization from the App Integration Catalog. Next, reach out to support@arrivy.com to activate the Enterprise Login functionality on your Arrivy account; you will now be able to configure OKTA SSO in Arrivy.


To configure SSO with Okta, you must have the following:

Supported features

  • This implementation supports OIDC IdP-initiated User Authentication.

No other features are supported currently.


Configuration steps

The following section discusses the configurations for setting up the OIDC integration between Arrivy and Okta. Okta is the Identity Provider (IDP), and depending on the use case, the user will be redirected to Okta for authentication if no session has been established yet.

To configure your provisioning settings for Arrivy in Okta, there are two main steps to follow:

  1. Add the Arrivy App to Okta SSO

      • First of all, log in to your organization’s Okta account, and navigate to Applications > Applications > Browse App Catalog tab, which will take you to the “All Integrations” Section.
      • In the “All Integrations” section, you need to search for Arrivy in the Okta Marketplace Apps and Click on the Arrivy App.

      • Once you select Arrivy from the search results, it’ll lead you to the ”Private Apps” section, where you need to press the “Add Integration” button to add the Arrivy App on Okta.

      • The Arrivy App is integrated with Okta, and you are all set to use it. You’ll find Client ID and Client Secret under the Sign On subsection. These parameters will be needed while configuring Okta on the Arrivy side in step 2.
      • To find the Okta issuer URL, click the OpenID Provider Metadata link.
      • Then make a note of the issuer URL.

  2. Configuring Okta SSO in Arrivy

    After configuring the Arrivy application in your Okta admin workspace, you will need to follow these steps to Configure Okta SSO in Arrivy:

  • Login to Arrivy, go to Settings > Enterprise Login Tab, where you can add the Client ID, Client Secret, and Okta Issuer URL (you can find it after logging in to your Okta account) to configure Okta SSO with Arrivy. Hit Create once you have entered the required details.NOTE: Please contact our support team at support@arrivy.com with a request to enable Okta SSO for your company if it isn’t enabled already. 

After the setup is completed, all members of your Okta will be able to log in to Arrivy without any prior registration. You can control which users or user groups can log in to Arrivy using Okta in your Okta admin panel.