Arrivy QuickStart Guide

Arrivy was designed to make home service businesses more profitable and their customers happier by automating coordination and communications.

Arrivy is built around the idea that there are 3 parties involved with service jobs:

  • Dispatch/Scheduler
  • Field crews
  • The customer

Tools in Arrivy are designed to facilitate communication and the exchange of important information between these groups.The Company Account is typically managed by the person who does job scheduling. Team Accounts are accessed by field personnel and Customer Records reflect key customer information.

Adding Your Team

To add field crew members, navigate to the Team tab and click the Add new team member button at the top of the page to add crew members.

Adding a team member

The Add new team member dialog will allow you to add a picture and other relevant information to the record. Pictures are displayed to customers in text and email messages when the team is enroute. Customer love seeing pictures of crew members. It gives them a sense of security to identify people who are coming to their door. You will need to choose a Role for the team member, depending on their responsibilities within your organization. Typically, that will be Crew. See the Team section for more information on roles.

Adding a team member

Adding a team member


















If you include an email address with the team member name they will be sent an email prompting them to download Arrivy mobile apps and create Arrivy accounts.

Creating Tasks on the Calendar

The Calendar tab allows you to view and create Tasks/appointments. You can create regular, 1-time tasks or repeating tasks that occur daily, weekly or monthly. The Task dialog marries together Team members and Customers with a particular time/date and specific job details. In addition to Team members you can also assign Equipment to a job. Arrivy knows the availability of your Team members and Equipment and will display it as you assign them to a Task.

Task dialog

Adding customer information is straightforward. One element to pay attention to are the switches for Email and SMS notification at the bottom of the Customer section. These switches govern how the customer is sent messages relevant to their job. As an example, customers can be sent message reminders several days before a job, when the crew is enroute and upon job completion.

The bottom section of the dialog provides a place to add any special instructions that are relevant to the task. Tasks are accessible via Arrivy’s mobile apps (iOS & Android), so your field crews can see details wherever they are located.

Customer Communications

Arrivy provides a variety of tools to facilitate customer communications. We recognize that there are high-value customer interactions and low-value communications. High-value communications are those that help build customer confidence in your business and your people. Low-value communications are those that simply provide customer with progress update, reminders and follow-ups.

Unfortunately, both kinds of communications take a lot of time. Arrivy is designed to help eliminate those low-value activities.

Time Window & Customer Reminders

When you initially create a Task, Arrivy sends either an email, a text or both to the customer–depending on the notification settings in the Task dialog.

By using the Time Window settings in the Task dialog, you can specify a time range for arrival instead of an absolute time (which is reflected in the text or email). Additionally, on the Settings page under Customer Communications you can input additional text that will be added to the confirmation email.

Arrivy time window

Enroute and Arrival Notifications with Real-Time Estimates

For customers, predictability is one of the most important aspects of businesses they want to work with. Arrivy’s communication tools help make appointment times more accurate and transparent for customers. Field crews use Arrivy’s mobile apps to trigger appointment notifications. When a Team member click on the ON OUR WAY button in the Arrivy app a text or email is sent to the customer. When they click on the link in the email, they’ll see the following image in their browser:

  • Pictures of crew members
  • Location on a map
  • Arrival estimate

Customer view of crew approaching

As the field team progresses to the customer location, Arrivy monitors their progress and sends out a Get Ready text/email when the Team is about a mile from the customer location.

When we talk about UBER-izing the customer experience, this is what we mean. Useful communications and better visibility into arrival times help make the appointment process more predictable and more enjoyable for customers.

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