Arrivy & Calendly is a web application that helps schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails. Arrivy uses Calendly for scheduling product demos. It provides a browser-based interface for selecting the date and time. It also includes a wide variety of options for customizing the event, such as adding questions, personalizing the confirmation page, customizing notifications, and more.

The Calendly interface

The user receives an email confirming their appointment with a link that allows them to reschedule or cancel the meeting. And, Calendly books this new meeting directly on the calendar of the company (or individual) sponsoring the meeting. Changes to the meeting initiated by the user (reschedule/cancel) are reflected immediately in the company calendar.

Self-Scheduling Comes to Arrivy

Arrivy’s Calendly integration has many applications, but self-scheduling is certainly one of the most important. This integration allows Calendly to create new Tasks or Activities that automatically appear on Arrivy’s Dashboard and Task views. When Calendly-with-Arrivy is added to a web site, it allows prospective (or actual) customers to schedule appointments themselves. These Tasks or Activities can easily be retrieved from Arrivy’s Task views. The integration can specify who the Task or Activity is assigned to, the Task title and extra field information, and detailed information input by the prospect/customer.

Setting Up the Integration


To set up the integration from the Calendly side:

  1. Log into your Calendly account
  2. Navigate to the Integrations section from the top nav bar
  3. Click the Copy Key link to copy your API key
Interface to the Calendly API key

Interface to the Calendly API key


Within Arrivy:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Apps & Integrations
  2. Click on the Install button in the Calendly section
    Arrivy - Calendly Integration Settings
  3. You will be navigated to the Calendly Integration page here enter the API Key and click the Verify button. If the API key is successfully verified, the Basic Settings will be displayed as shown below.

    Arrivy's Calendly integration options

    Arrivy’s Calendly integration options

  4. The options available are:
    1. Integration Timezone: Maps times from Calendly to Arrivy
    2. Create Tasks as: You can specify that Tasks are either “Scheduled” or “Unscheduled.” Scheduled Tasks will send customer communications indicating that the appointment has been Scheduled.
    3. JSON mapping:  The JSON mapping box allows you to use Arrivy’s API to specify how information is mapped from Calendly to Arrivy as well as allowing you to set values for Task/Activity inputs. API information is located in the Developer’s Portal, here: For example, the string:

                   4. Templates: You are allowed to associate a template with the task that is created through the Calendly booking.

                       Templates represent different types of tasks done by a business. Learn more about templates here.


Please contact if you have questions or need help with any of these items. Now whenever someone will submit a form provided by your account a respective Task will be created in Arrivy for that.

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