Arrivy is integrated with Elromco’s Moveboard to provide a complete “last-mile” experience for customers. This integration allows you to move seamlessly from your confirmed jobs to Dispatch, to Arrivy’s toolset for job monitoring and customer engagement. This document describes the integration and how to work with the two programs.


Setting up the Integration

To link Arrivy and Moveboard, you must have created an Arrivy account. Log into Arrivy and go to the API nav. Copy the AUTH KEY and the AUTH TOKEN. Note, you MUST click the “eye” icon in order to view and accurately copy the AUTH TOKEN.

Arrivy Auth key and Auth token

Arrivy Auth key and Auth token

In MoveBoard, go to Settings > General > Integration and click on the Arrivy “tab” on the top of the Integration area. Paste the AUTH KEY and AUTH TOKEN into the appropriate input fields. In general, you will want to turn on email and SMS notifications. Then click the Connect/Disconnect button in the lower left.

Arrivy integration setup in MoveBoard

Arrivy integration setup in MoveBoard

This will begin to synchronize your MoveBoard jobs with Arrivy tasks. Confirmed Jobs in MoveBoard will become Tasks in Arrivy. As those Tasks are created, emails and/or SMS messages will be sent to those customers confirming the job details. Note: After the initial synchronization, all jobs that are moved to “Confirmed” status will automatically be copied to Arrivy.

Synchronizing Users

Arrivy helps coordinate Dispatch, Field crew, and customers during jobs. So, you will want to ensure that all your relevant MoveBoard users are also available in Arrivy and visa-versa. There are two processes for doing that, depending on whether you are creating new users in Arrivy that already exist in MoveBoard, or whether you want to synchronize users who have accounts in both Arrivy and MoveBoard (this would occur if you manually created some user accounts in both products).

Creating New Users in Arrivy from MoveBoard

To create new users in Arrivy from MoveBoard, first, ensure that your users have accounts in MoveBoard (Settings > Department, then find the user name and double-click on it). Next, go to the Employee information form, highlight the radio button, “I want to create a new Arrivy foreman” and enter their email address and a password (they can change later), and click the “Add Foreman/Helper to Arrivy” button. This will create a corresponding team member in Arrivy.

Synchronizing users

Synchronizing users

Synchronizing Existing Users in Arrivy & MoveBoard

In this scenario, you are essentially linking user records from Arrivy and MoveBoard in order to establish that an existing user in MoveBoard represents the same user in Arrivy. This situation could occur, for example, if you had set up a Foreman in both Arrivy and MoveBoard. Starting in the same fashion, go to the Employee information form just as you did in the step above. But, choose the “I already have this foreman in Arrivy” radio button instead of “I want to create a new Arrivy foreman.” Enter their email address from Arrivy and anything as a password.

Sychronize Arrivy Users

Synchronize Arrivy Users

Next, you’ll need to find the foreman’s Arrivy ID to enter into the appropriate field in this form. To do so, log into Arrivy and click on the Team nav item. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and on the bottom just to the left of the map, click on the link marked Show IDs. This will display the IDs for all team members. Simply copy the ID of the user of interest, paste it in the MoveBoard ID field, and click the button labeled Add Foreman to Arrivy. This should synchronize the existing Arrivy and MoveBoard users.

Reviews and Ratings

Both Arrivy and MoveBoard have the ability to prompt customers for ratings after a job is marked complete. Arrivy can use a 5-star rating system, Net Promoter Score (NPS), or thumb-up/down. Additionally, Arrivy provides a variety of reporting features that aggregate customer ratings. However, you probably don’t want both Arrivy and MoveBoard to be soliciting rating feedback from customers. So, you can disable rating requests in either Arrivy or MoveBoard.

To disable ratings in MoveBoard, go to and click on the Review Settings button near the top of the page. Scroll towards the bottom of the page and turn off the Send email automatically switch (as shown below).

MoveBoard reviews interface

MoveBoard reviews interface

To disable ratings requests in Arrivy, navigate to Settings > Integrations & Basic Settings, click on the Ratings Types combo box and select the NO RATING option.

Ratings Types Setting

Rating Types Setting

Arrivy Mobile Apps

Job Foremen should download the Arrivy mobile app. These apps are available for iOS and Android. Once you have synchronized a User, that user will be sent an email that allows them to log onto the desktop version of Arrivy and also prompts them to download a mobile app.

Mobile apps connect field Team members to the home office. In conjunction with a mobile phone’s GPS, they allow customers to track field crew member’s progress towards service locations. And, they help create a permanent record of actions and issues that were encountered on a job.

Dispatching Jobs to Arrivy

When you have selected your crew for a confirmed job, you can copy the crew details for that job to Arrivy. In MoveBoard’s Dispatch screen, select your crew members and click the “Send” button to update the crew details for that appointment. If you have synchronized your Users with Arrivy, then the Foreman and Helpers you have chosen will be assigned to the job.

Then click the “Map pin” icon from the top of the page to view the day’s appointments in Arrivy. This will show the day’s jobs on the Arrivy Dashboard.

MoveBoard Local Dispatch

MoveBoard Local Dispatch

Arrivy within MoveBoard

Arrivy within MoveBoard

Jobs Overview on the Dashboard

As its name implies, the Dashboard is one of the primary tools that help Arrivy-powered companies understand what jobs are in process, where the crew is located, and how jobs are progressing. Accessible via the main navigation, the Dashboard has two main sections—the Task List and the Map.

Arrivy's Dashboard

Job Details

Clicking on a Task will open the Task Details and Status dialog, which provides more comprehensive information on the job. While the Task Details pane is used primarily for scheduling a job, the Task Status is extremely useful during a job, as it provides communications and archiving capabilities.

Within the Task Details screen, you can establish the communication options for the customer. The customer can be notified by email, by SMS or both. Customers are notified when:

  • Their appointment is scheduled and/or rescheduled
  • They are sent an optional reminder a day before their appointment
  • The crew is enroute to their location and is approximately 1 mile from their location
  • When the job has started and when it is complete

UBERizing the customer experience

Arrivy's Customer experience

Arrivy provides automated communication to the customer as the crew is enroute to their location. Typically, crew members are using mobile apps. When the crew goes out to the customer location, they click the “On our way” button to indicate they are on enroute.

If you don’t have the mobile app installed, you can click “On our way” from the Status page of that task.

  • This triggers a SMS to the customer. 
  • If the customer clicks on the link, they should see job details and a map. The map will update with the crew location as the progress.
  • The customer will also get another SMS when the crew is about a mile from the customer location

Arrivy mobile interface

UBERizing the Scheduler experience


    • On the Dashboard, the scheduler can see what is going on, as well.
    • Now the great thing is that the home office is getting all these messages thru the Arrivy interface. Moreover, Eddie can change his status or message directly, and the home office gets those messages in near real-time. Each of the status changes is time-stamped
    • So, you effectively have an audit trail for all of your jobs. Note: This audit trail can include more than just status changes. You can create notes, take photos and make audio annotations.

The Job JournalArrivy's Scheduler Experience

You can choose to make the communication 3-way (including the customer), or just between you and the main office. For example, if I’m a mover and I note some existing damage to a piece of furniture, I can document and even photograph that. You’ll note that communication is not shared with the customer, by default.

Bill of Lading

MoveBoard’s bill of lading is directly accessible from the Arrivy mobile interface. Simply navigate to the details panel and click on the link marked, “Source URL.” That link will take you directly to the bill of lading for this job (you will be required to log in). On the bill of lading screen, you can collect all the necessary signatures needed to process the customer’s job.

Arrivy's Bill of Lading




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