Infusionsoft Integration

Infusionsoft is a popular CRM for growing Sales organisations. With Arrivy’s Infusionsoft integration, Sales and Support teams on Infusionsoft can now cooperate smoothly with the Operations/Dispatch team on Arrivy and handoff Tasks seamlessly while providing an engaging customer experience.

This Infusionsoft-Arrivy integration allows you to:

  • Create Arrivy Tasks for Infusionsoft Opportunities
  • Create Arrivy Customers from Infusionsoft Contacts
  • Seamlessly map fields between Infusionsoft Opportunities and Arrivy Tasks.
  • Enhance communication between Sales, Operations/Dispatch and end customers

Within Infusionsoft, Opportunities are fluidly linked to Arrivy tasks. This allows you to use a connected interface for managing opportunities, calendar events, crew assignments, and crew tracking while leveraging Arrivy’s unique customer engagement, operations connectivity and reporting tools for service calls and customer visits.

Setup and installation

In Infusionsoft

To start, install the Arrivy app via Infusionsoft marketplace here. As part of the installation, you will be prompted for permission to give Arrivy access to your Infusionsoft data. This is needed to fetch information in Infusionsoft Opportunities and Contacts to create Tasks and Customers in Arrivy, respectively.


In Arrivy

To link your Infusionsoft account with Arrivy, go to Settings -> Apps & Integrations > Infusionsoft. You’ll be prompted to log into Infusionsoft. After login, you’ll see several configuration options (you may need to navigate back to Settings -> Apps & Integrations > Infusionsoft and click on the Installed button).


These include:

  1. Integration time zone: This must be set to the same time zone as set in Infusionsoft Profile Settings. This time zone will be the same as your computer time zone for most customers.
  2. Create tasks as: In Arrivy, Tasks can either be scheduled or unscheduled:
    1. Scheduled Tasks need Start/End dates and times. As soon as a scheduled task is created (either manually or through the API) the Task Created customer message is sent to the customer via SMS or email. If a Task’s date or time is changed, then a Task Rescheduled message is sent to the customer when the Task is synched. Note that if your Synchronization time is set to 11:30 PM, that is when your customer will be receiving these messages. All scheduled Tasks appear on the calendar.
    2. Unscheduled Tasks can have both dates and times, dates only, or neither dates nor times. Unscheduled Tasks appear in the Unscheduled list view under the Tasks nav in Arrivy. Unscheduled Tasks having dates will also appear in Calendar views. When an unscheduled Task is created, no communications are sent to customers. However, changing a Task from unscheduled to scheduled will generate a Task Scheduled customer message.
  3. JSON Mapping: This is an advanced feature that lets you map any Infusionsoft fields to Arrivy fields. Please reach out to our support team at to help with field mapping.

Creating Tasks 

Creating Tasks in Arrivy from Infusionsoft Opportunities is an autonomous process. Arrivy will monitor Opportunity stage changes on your Infusionsoft Profile and create tasks when the opportunity moves to the stage mentioned in the JSON Mapping, bringing in all the required fields seamlessly from Infusionsoft to Arrivy.

Importing Customers

The Arrivy <> Infusionsoft Integration can import Contact from Infusionsoft to Customers in Arrivy as you add contacts into your profile. Furthermore, the integration with Infusionsoft fetches contact updates to Arrivy Customers as well, giving you a completely hassle-free experience. Alternatively, the integration can be set to bring contacts based on contact statuses in Infusionsoft.

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