Arrivy & Salesforce

Salesforce is rated amongst the best when it comes to CRMs. With Arrivy’s Salesforce integration, Sales/Support teams on Salesforce can now hand off tasks seamlessly to Operations/Dispatch teams on Arrivy. All the while keeping customers engaged and feeling like a part of the journey. 

The Arrivy Salesforce integration empowers you to: 

  • Seamlessly trigger tasks from Opportunities
  • View updated task details on the Opportunity/Lead page 
  • Enhance communication between Sales, Operations/Dispatch and end customers 

Inside Salesforce, Opportunities are seamlessly linked to tasks in Arrivy. Allowing you to use a connected interface for managing deals, calendar events, crew assignments, and crew tracking while leveraging Arrivy’s unique customer engagement, operations connectivity, and reporting tools for service calls and customer visits.

Setup & Installation 

In Salesforce

For starters, install the Arrivy app via the Salesforce AppExchange. Once that is done, you will have to update the token endpoint URL in the Auth provider. 

It is essential to update the Token Endpoint URL from to“.To do that, go to Setup and search for Auth Providers; from there, you can select Arrivy and click Edit. Don’t forget to click on Save to secure all your changes. 

Now that you have that done, you’re ready to set up your Name Credentials. For that, go to Setup and search for Name Credentials. Then click on Arrivy_Default and click on Edit

In the new window that pops up, checkmark the box “Start Authentication Flow on Save.” 

You would be automatically routed over to the Arrivy login page, where you can enter your valid Arrivy credentials and allow app access. 

You will then be redirected to the page where your authentication status would have been successfully updated.

In Arrivy 

To link your Salesforce account with Arrivy, go to Settings → Apps & Integrations →  Salesforce. Install the Salesforce app and login into your account. You may contact at this point to configure your Salesforce Lead/Opportunity fields to Arrivy. 

Creating Tasks 

Create tasks right from your Salesforce Lead/Opportunity page with a click of a button. Go to Setup →  Object Manager →  Opportunity →  Page Layout in Salesforce. After that, simply select your Opportunity layout, and add the Create New Task button. 

After that, simply select your Opportunity layout, and add the Create New Task button. You can view this button on any of your Lead/Opportunity record pages.

Clicking this button will enable you to trigger task creation inside Arrivy. Once a task is created in the Arrivy Dashboard, you can modify it to your liking. 

Viewing Tasks

With Arrivy Salesforce integration, we can directly view Arrivy Tasks on your Salesforce Lead/Opportunity Pages. To enjoy this functionality, simply edit your page and add a new Arrivy Task Tab. This allows you to get valuable information from your Arrivy Task displayed onto your Lead/Opportunity page, keeping everybody well informed. 

After clicking Edit go to the Detail Page and add a new tab called “Arrivy Task”.

Search for the component “Task List” in the search box. Now you’re ready to drag the “Task List” from the search box over to the Arrivy Task tab.

Congratulations, you’ve completed your setup. You will now be able to view all-important task details from Arrivy right inside your Lead/Opportunity page on Salesforce. 

Customizing Integration with Salesforce

Please reach out to us at if you’d like to learn more.

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