Samsara is an equipment and vehicular management platform designed for transportation and delivery businesses. Arrivy’s Samsara Integration enables you to view equipment vitals along with real-time location from Samsara within Arrivy. Leverage Arrivy’s Scheduling and Dispatch Experience and Engaging Customer Notifications to take complete control of your operations.

Connecting Samsara and Arrivy

To connect Samsara and Arrivy, you’ll need two pieces of information:

  1. Access Token: Within your Samsara Dashboard, go to Settings > API Tokens and create a new token for Arrivy <> Samsara Integration with “Full Admin” access. To learn more about how to create API Tokens, please click here
  2. Group ID: Within Settings > API Tokens, you can find the Group ID under the Documentation/Example API calls section of the page. To learn more about how to find Group ID, please click here.

Inside Arrivy, go to Settings > Apps & Integrations, Navigate to Samsara, and click on Install. 

Each Group ID in Samsara can be connected to a Group inside Arrivy. Enter your Samsara Access Token and click on +Samsara Group. Add your Samsara Group ID, select an Arrivy Group in which you want to map Samsara Fleet, and click Refresh.

Your Samsara Fleet will be imported in the left column, and you can select which Arrivy Equipment you want to connect with each Samsara device. If you don’t have corresponding Equipment in Arrivy for a Samsara device, you can add that Equipment by going to the Equipment Tab and re-configure the mapping, or you can leave the field blank.  

Once you are satisfied with the mapping, click on Save Mapping, and your Arrivy Equipment will be connected with your Samsara Fleet. You can go to the Equipments Tab to view the location, vehicle vitals, or other information coming in from Samsara.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to

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