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Mobile apps are a key element of Arrivy’s solution. Mobile apps connect field Team members to the home office. In conjunction with a mobile phone’s GPS, they allow customers to track field crew members progress towards service locations. And, they help create a permanent record of actions and issues that were encountered on a job.

The easiest way to begin with Arrivy’s mobile apps is to add a Team member to your Arrivy account through the web site. If you include an email address the Team member will be prompted to create an Arrivy account and download a mobile app. You can also find the apps through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Apple App Store        Google Play

Setting Status

Upon logging into one of the mobile apps–choose Tasks from the bottom nav. You’ll see the list of jobs that have been assigned to you for the day (you can also navigate to different days using the date nav at the top). Choose your next job from the Task picker to open Task details. . For those that use Team Notifications (automated messages that give crew members their assignments for the next day), the apps let you accept or decline assignments directly. Additionally, the Task Filter in the upper right corner, lets you set this screen to show only the Tasks you’re interested in.


Within a task, the primary screen area has been split into 3 “tabbed” regions–Status, Journal and Details.

Status: The Status tab has buttons which can generate actions and those actions are recorded as part of the job’s permanent record:

  • On our way: Generates an email/SMS to the customer indicating the crew is enroute
  • Task started: Records the time/date when the job has begun
  • Task completed: Marks the job as done and sends a text/email to the customer asking them for a rat
  • Cancel task: Cancels the job
  • Exception: Lets the Team member log an issue
  • Notes: Permits the inclusion of pictures and notes as part of the job record

These buttons are completely customizable using Arrivy’s template feature. The Notes area allows crew members to post notes that are recorded/archived in the Journal.

Journal: The Journal provides access to everything that happens on a job from Status changes (e.g. Crew Enroute, Job Completed) to photos and notes of job-related issues, to customer views of the Arrivy map showing the approaching crew.

Details: The Details panel shows all job-related information including any instructions added to the Task and additional field entries/values

Arrivy's mobile apps

Arrivy’s mobile apps

These status changes are visible to people at the home office logged into the Arrivy web site–via the Status tab for the relevant task. In fact, the Notes interface can be used to exchange messages between the office and field.

As noted, this information is preserved as a permanent part of the task record

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