Arrivy’s Reporting features provides insights into your company’s time, mileage, utilization and reputation over the last 24-hrs, 7-days or 30-day interval. 

Accessing Reports

Reports are accessed from the Reports item on the main Arrivy nav bar. Once you have selected Reports, you can navigate to different reports using the sub-nav bar. Task/Utilization Reports deal with time spend and mileage.  Performance Reports identify how many of your jobs started on time and what percentage are completed within the estimated duration. Customer Ratings reports summarize review and engagement information from customers.

Task/Utilization Reports

Overview Report

The Overview report provides summary information on tasks, time, and travel over the selected period (24-hrs, 7-days, or 30-days). The pie chart shows the number of completed tasks versus those that have not been completed. Non-completion could be due to a number of reasons, including cancellation, exceptions, or being in-progress.

arrivy reporting

The Overview Report provides basic summary data over a given time period.

Time Report

The Time report shows the breakdown of task time and travels time, daily, over the selected interval.

The Time Report identifies time spent on tasks and in travel.

Team Utilization Chart

The Team Utilization chart illustrates the time spent by each team member on task and travel over the selected period.

The Team Utilization Report shows the team spent by each Team member

The Team Utilization Report shows the team spent by each Team member.

Mileage Information

The mileage chart and cards identify total and daily mileage over the selected period.

The Mileage Report shows mileage over a specified interval

Arrivy Mileage Report

Performance Reports

Ever wish you could figure out how many of your jobs started on time and what percentage are completed within your estimated time? If so, you’ll be excited to check out our Performance reports. There are two flavors of reports: 1) On-time performance and 2) Completion reports.

On-time Performance

The On-Time reports show you how often jobs are started on time.  For jobs with a time window, we display the percentage of jobs that start within the time window and those that are early/late. For jobs with specified starting/ending times, we report the % of jobs that start before/after the scheduled time.

Completion Reports

Completion reports display whether Tasks were completed within their scheduled duration (the difference between start and end times). These reports document the percentage of jobs that were completed within their budgeted times. In this case, the pie chart shows the percentage of tasks that were completed early, on-time and late by specified intervals. Thus, you can see at a glance how “timely” your Task estimates were.

Customer Ratings & Engagement Reports

Arrivy’s mission is to help you engage customers through the “last mile.” How do we measure customer “engagement?” Well, one measure is the ratings that customers give you via Arrivy after jobs are marked “Complete.” You can see a summary of these ratings under the “Reporting>Customer Ratings” nav.

Another way of measuring engagement is determining how many times customers respond to communications your business sends them (through Arrivy). This is the idea behind the Customer Engagement reports also found under Reporting>Customer Ratings. These reports measure engagement via responses to emails/SMS messages and the number of “Live Track” views. Live Track view is the link customers are sent that brings up a map showing the crew location enroute to the job.

The first two “cards” shown in this report are probably the most important. They identify the percentage of your customer base which has tracked your crew thru Arrivy’s LiveTrack mapping page and the percentage that has responded to email/SMS messages or via the Task Journal. From our experience, most customers do use the LiveTrack page to review the progress of your crews on their way to their location.

Customer engagement metrics

Customer engagement metrics

The Customer Rating reports are accessible from the Customer Ratings subnav along the top of the page. This includes graphical summaries of the star ratings marked by customers when they are prompted for reviews upon job completion. Additionally, the 3 least favorable and most favorable reviews are included in the table below the chart.

Customer Rating Report gives customer feedback over a specified period

The Customer Ratings Report

The following two charts track customer engagements over time. The first shows the number of views of the map, or what we refer to as “Live Track” page. These views are broken downs in terms of views that came from clicking on a link in email as opposed to an SMS link.

Views of the Arrivy Live Track map

Views of the Arrivy Live Track map

Arrivy allows customers to respond directly to SMS and emails. These responses are logged directly into the Task Journal and available to both Dispatch and field crews in real time. Additionally, customers can type messages into the chat-style interface included on the Live Track page. The Customer Responses chart shows how frequently these mechanisms are used by customers to communicate with the company.

Customer reponses via SMS, email and "chat"

Customer responses via SMS, email, and “chat”


Time Reports

Time Reports lets you track the hours of your Team members, providing a granular summary of their time. You can filter the result for individual Team members and adjust the span to reflect custom date ranges. Additionally, you can adjust the header fields using the “eye” icon.

Time reports let you track Team hours

Time reports let you track Team hours

This report can be downloaded as a CSV for further processing in Excel or other programs.

A downloaded Time report shown in Excel

A downloaded Time report is shown in Excel


















Team Clock-In Clock-Out Report

Clock-In Clock-Out feature can be used to keep track of time an assignee spent on a task. The breakdown of this time is maintained in the Team Time Sheet within that particular task.


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