One of the benefits of Arrivy is getting more and better feedback from customers at the right time. Arrivy accomplishes this by leveraging the automated communications mechanisms it uses to generate customer reminders and status. Arrivy-powered businesses both find this feedback extremely valuable and have also seen a substantial increase in the number of positive reviews they receive.

Completion Prompts

The best time to ask for feedback is… immediately. When a job is marked Complete by a Team member, the customer is immediately contacted via email/SMS (or both—depending on communication preferences) and prompted to provide feedback.

Arrivy Reviews

Customers are prompted for reviews upon job completion.

If the customer rates you 4 or 5 stars,  they are also prompted to post their rating on social channels like Google, Facebook, Yelp or other social sites that you configure (in And, you’re immediately emailed the review—so, you know if it’s good news. And, if it’s a poor rating you can contact the customer directly to make it right.

Sharing Reviews Publicly

Customer reviews are archived in the Task Journal for the appointments they are associated with. They are also collected in a list under the Reviews nav item.

Your customers' reviews on Arrivy

Your customers’ reviews on Arrivy

Here are some options to publicly share the reviews you have earned on Arrivy platform:

  1. Social Channels (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn):
    Arrivy provides the company with the opportunity to share the reviews given by the customer as posts on their social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.). Click the “Share review” link or paste the external review link on your social channels. The benefit of this particular feature provided by Arrivy is that it helps with the positive word of mouth (hence SEO), acts as a marketing technique, and gives off a positive image of the business.
  2. Website Widget:
    Arrivy also provides functionality to showcase your positive reviews on your site. The review widget is a slider that scrolls through your latest positive reviews at a set interval. You can find the link to the reviews widget under Settings -> Account Details. If you need help in setting this up, please reach out to A similar slider is in the works for Facebook pages as well.
  3. Review Schema:
    There is a possibility to deploy the review schema for your website i.e indexed by Google for Ads. Please reach out to to learn more.

Automated “Thank you” Note

Arrivy has a feature to thank your positive reviewers with an “automated” thank you note. It’s critical to engage the customers who had a positive experience with your business. This is a key differentiating factor between businesses that are run traditionally and the ones that are embracing the consumer-first economy.

You can customize the contents for this note under Settings > Basic Settings (Ratings & Reviews).

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Smart businesses are using this feature to encourage their customers to spread positive word-of-mouth about their business. If you want further information, please email us at


The Arrivy Settings>Account Details page contains the settings needed to specify the social sites you’d like to encourage the customer to post to. They include Facebook, YELP, Angie’s List, Google, and Thumbtack.  Icons for the sites that you specify will appear to customers that rate you 4 or 5 stars.

Settings for reviews sites

Settings for reviews sites

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