Customer Messages Settings


Customer Messages Settings provides the ability for Arrivy Administrators to customize the text of various SMS and email messages that are sent to the customer. The text messages can include meta-fields that allow the message to be customized with text from the customer record, Task or company info.

Message Lists

There are two types of Customer Messages:

  1. System messages which cannot be deleted and are used for communication during standard Arrivy events such as Task creation and Customer reminders
  2. Custom messages—which can replace System messages, or can be used for other events, such as being triggered when specified status events occur
List of System and Custom messages

List of System and Custom messages

Editing Messages

To edit a System or Custom message, click on the name of the message you would like to edit. This opens the editing interface.­­

The Edit Message interface

The Edit Message interface

The message editing interface allow you to edit the text for both email and SMS messages. A unique aspect of this interface is that it provides the ability to incorporate company, customer and task-specific information. These elements are added via Dynamic Fields—listed on the right side of the interface. These elements include text and time elements (such as customer name and appointment time), buttons and links, as well as formatting elements (such as line breaks).

To add a dynamic field to a message, simply place the cursor in the appropriate location within the message and click the field of interest in the Dynamic Fields section. Alternatively, simply type the double-bracketed word directly into the text (e.g. {{live_link}}). You’ll note that there is some ability to add if/then logic to these messages via {%if %}, {% else %}, {% endif %} constructs. You can get an idea of how these works and how to apply them by seeing how they are used in some of the system messages.

To reset a message to its default text, click the Reset link on the upper right corner of the text edit box.

To preview a message, including Dynamic Fields, click the Preview Message link.

Email message preview

Email message preview

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