Task Views


The Task Views, Calendar, Team & Equipment, List and Unscheduled provide a variety of ways to visualize and understand your businesses’ Tasks.

Calendar View

Most people are used to viewing their appointments in a calendar. This is exactly what Task View provides. It superimposes the businesses’ Tasks over a calendar, configurable in month, week or day formats. You can click on the appointments to bring up the Task Details page for that Task. The grey “people” icons on the Tasks in the screenshot below are associated with Team Notifications (https://help.arrivy.com/settings/team-notifications)—which indicates whether crew members have accepted their Tasks or not.

The Calendar view of Tasks

The Calendar view of Tasks

Team & Equipment View

Team & Equipment view is the best way to identify the schedule for individual Team members and assigned equipment. It lists all Team members vertically with the day’s schedule laid-out horizontally. You can drag-and-drop Tasks within Team & Equipment view. Dragging a Task and dropping it on a new Team member will result in reassigning the Task to that Team member. Holding the alt-key (Win) or ctrl-key (Mac) while dragging and dropping will add the Team member as an assignee. One of the nice features of Team & Equipment view is the “Unassigned” slot which show all the appointments which don’t have any associated Team members.

Team and Equipment View lets you see everyone's schedule

Team and Equipment View lets you see everyone’s schedule

Team and Equipment view has an “Expanded View” option that allow the Task cards to show all the information from Task Details, including extra fields. That option can be found in the upper right corner of the grid and has a field picker for customizing the data shown on the Task cards.

Team and Equipment view - expanded view

Team and Equipment view – expanded view

List View

List view is a simple, compact view that shows all the Tasks in a given period, at-a-glance. It provides all critical Task information in an easily-digestible format. Additionally, you can modify the fields displayed in List view (as well as their order) by clicking on the “eye” icon at the right side of the fields row. Of particular interest is the ability to see the status of customer communications using the Email/SMS field. This show whether email and/or SMS communications are enabled in Task Details. You can print or CSV-export Tasks from List view using the kabob menu next to the Create New Task button.

Unscheduled Tasks

The Unscheduled Tasks View is, essentially, a List View for Tasks that don’t have an assigned date and/or time. For more information on Unscheduled Tasks see: https://help.arrivy.com/tasks-and-calendar/unscheduled-tasks/

Unscheduled Tasks view

Unscheduled Tasks view


The Activities Tasks View is simply a view that shows only Activities. This view is particularly useful for companies that push Activities to Arrivy through CRMs or online forms. It lets them see key Activities at-a-glance without the having to navigate through all their Task entries.

The Activities Task View

The Activities Task View


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