Arrivy’s filters allow you to focus on what is relevant by using one or multiple filters at once, allowing access to precise information and, in doing so, saving time.

What can I filter?

You can apply the filter of Template, Group, Status, Team, and Equipment to swift through to get the information you are looking for. The Admin/Scheduler can fully customize the characteristics of the filters. 

How can I apply filters?

Dashboard> Filters > Select Filter > Apply Filter 

You can go to any of the views of the tasks e.g. Dashboard, Tasks Calendar, etc. and Look for Filters. The image below shows how the dashboard appears once the filters have been applied.

The Filters can be used to track jobs based on their task statuses, groups, teams, equipment, or the templates attached to a task. Task status filters can switch between jobs that are completed and in progress or are about to begin or at any other stage set by the business.


Groups and Teams can be selected depending on which group or team would be able to cater to which client or job, best.

Tasks can be searched for and separated in the calendar view to clear the clutter based on selecting an item in the equipment list or choosing a task template from the Templates tab. 

Multiple filters can be applied at the same time to drill down on your tasks/calendar even further. So if a Scheduler wishes to find a task that uses a truck, is in progress, and has a team member A appointed to it, all that is required to find it are a few taps.

How do I remove filters? 

To clear out filters, simply select the “clear all” button in the top middle of the view.

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