What are Linked Tasks?

In many service professions, customer work requires multiple appointments to complete. In the Moving domain, for example, movers will make an estimate, do packing, move goods to storage and then move them out of storage. These tasks are related and it’s actually important to be able to link them in a formal fashion to persist some information across Tasks. For example, a picture of a damaged item that is moved into storage should really be accessible when the item is moved out of storage. 

Arrivy’s Linked Tasks feature allow you to group related Tasks together and easily review or change information from any of them. Linked Tasks are simply Tasks that share the same customer and which are grouped together for convenience and information sharing. Additionally, Linked Tasks can let you create new Tasks from the Details page of an existing Task, that are automatically linked to that Task.

When Tasks or Activities are linked, they appear as “tabs” at the top of the Task Details page. You can easily navigate between linked Tasks by clicking on the tab representing the Task of interest.

Linked Tasks

Task Details for Linked Tasks

Linked Tasks are enabled by using a Template that turns on this feature. If a Task uses such a Template, new controls are available on the Task Details page. The button at the top right corner of the page entitled, Link Another Task/Activity allows Schedulers to link new Tasks or Activities to those being viewed. Clicking it displays a list of other Tasks from the same customer, allowing the Scheduler to choose which Task(s) to link. The Unlink Task link will (unsurprisingly) unlink the current Task from others.

An optional section in Task Details, entitled New Linked Tasks/Activities contains buttons that let the Scheduler easily create new Tasks or Activities that are automatically linked with the current Task. The title, number and behavior of these buttons are determined by controls in the Template pages. If no buttons have been defined in the Template, then this section does not appear.

Template Controls for Linked Tasks

You enable Linked Tasks by using a Template that turns on Linked Tasks. Linked Tasks/Activities is a new section in Arrivy Templates. Within this Template section, there is a “master switch” that enables Linked Tasks for Tasks using this template. 

Once Linked Tasks are enabled in a Template, new controls appear in Task Details. These controls includes buttons which control linking to other Tasks. And, an optional new section can also include buttons for creating new linked Tasks and/or Activities. 

The Linked Task section of the Template shown below allows Admin to create buttons that will appear on the Task Details page, allowing Schedulers to easily create new Tasks or Activities that automatically link to the Task displayed. Clicking the Add Linked Task/Activity Button within this section of the Template presents a set of controls that define the buttons that will appear in Task Details:

  • Button create new: Defines whether the button will create a Task or Activity
  • Button title: Allows the user to select Task or Activity, the text input provides the button title and the third control sets the Activity type or Task Template type. The final input provides the opportunity to include a string of JSON (based on API specs) that lets the Template designer to customize the fields of the Task/Activity that is created.

For example, the JSON string {“title”:”MOVE J. Aubrey to Storage”} will create a new Task with the title MOVE J Aubrey to Storage.

Linked Tasks controls in the Template and in Task Details

Linked Tasks controls in the Template and in Task Details

Shared Data

One of the advantages of Linked Tasks is sharing  information across Tasks. The Task tabs along the top of the interface allows users to easily access the Journal, photos etc from related Tasks. Inventory & Supplies are more intimately integrated. If Inventory & Supplies has been added to any Task, then the Inventory tab will be added to all Linked Tasks. This allows you to access Inventory across related appointments. Unlinking Tasks will removed Inventory from Tasks that don’t use a Template enabling it.


The mobile interface for Linked Tasks provides more limited access to related Tasks than the desktop. Field crew workers may need access to information from other Tasks (e.g. Journal, photos, details), but rarely need to move from the Task that they are executing to a related one. As a result, Arrivy provides menus to show details and Journals from Linked Tasks, but no tools for actually navigating between Tasks.

Mobile changes for Linked Tasks

Mobile changes for Linked Tasks

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