Task Journal


The Task Journal is a unique feature of Arrivy that keeps track of all the actions associated with a Task. This includes the creation of the Task, personnel assignments, all of the status changes that occur (e.g. Task Started, Task Completed) as well as any note or pictures that are captured by the field Team. It is both an invaluable resource for reviewing jobs but is also a tool that can be used for communications within a job. Messages that go into the Task Journal are also posted to the Activity Feed.

Using the Task Journal

The Task Journal can be found by clicking on an appointment in either the Dashboard or Calendar views to open that Task, and then clicking on the Status nav item. Task Status elements are:

  1. Status Navigation item, for making the Status pane active
  2. Status buttons for signaling a change in status
  3. The Task Journal which lists all the status and task changes, chronologically, as they occur throughout a job
  4. The Note area for creating notes associated with a task. You can use the dropdown menu to send pre-defined messages (such as Task Rescheduled). Notes can be made private (only viewable within the company) by using the “Add Note” button. Or, they can be shared with the customer using the “Add Customer Note” button.
  5. Attachments link allows you to attach files associated with a job.
Task Journal

The Task Status dialog provides important in-progress information

The Journal archives all the status changes that occur during a job. But, it can also be used as a communications mechanism between Scheduler and Crew (and customers, as well). The note field (4-above) can be used to send messages between the Scheduler and Crew. On the web applications, these messages will be posted both to the Journal and to the Activity Feed (and to desktop notifications, if they are enabled). On mobile apps, they will generate mobile notifications. This is particularly useful if the crew takes photos, as they are posted directly into the Journal.

Note that any messages can be made visible to only Schedulers and Crew, by using the “Add Note” button. Clicking the “Add Customer Note” button will permit them to be seen by the Customer, as well. All Journal entries—including photos, notes and attachments—are archived with the job and are available as long as you are subscribed to Arrivy.

On mobile apps, the Journal can be perused by clicking on the “Journal” tab, underneath the Task title.

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