Unscheduled Tasks


For many businesses, it’s impractical to schedule Tasks as soon as a customer has asked for an appointment. These often have to be coordinated later, based on the progress of preceding work or other schedule issues. For these situations, we have “Unscheduled Tasks.” These Tasks are essentially regular single-occurrence Tasks without a specified time and date.

Creating Unscheduled Tasks

Unscheduled Tasks are created by checking the “Unscheduled Task” checkbox in the Task Details page, and either leaving the date/time fields blank, or—if you know the date on which it will occur—specifying the date with no time.

Note that Arrivy automatically sends an email or SMS to the customer as soon as a Task has been scheduled. For an Unscheduled Task, that email/SMS will either omit the time or both the date and time. Once the Task has been scheduled, Arrivy will send an additional email/SMS confirming the appointment date/time.

Viewing Unscheduled Tasks

Unscheduled Tasks can easily be view by navigating to the Unscheduled Tasks table under the Calendar Nav item. You can click on any Task to bring up the Task Details pane to schedule that Task when appropriate.

Unscheduled Tasks table

Unscheduled Tasks table