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The Team and Equipment sections of Arrivy are where you define all your businesses’ Arrivy users and the equipment that will be used on jobs. Both Team and Equipment can be specified on the Task details page, as shown below, and Tasks containing them can easily be viewed on Calendar>Team & Equipment view.

Task Details page showing assignees and equipment

Task Details page showing assignees and equipment


Team members can be defined and viewed on the Team page, accessible from the main navigation. The list view provides the Team member’s name, title and date at which their mobile app was last “seen” by Arrivy.

List of Team members and their locations

List of Team members and their locations

To add a new Team member, click the appropriately-named button near the top of the page. Or, to edit an existing Team member, click the Edit icon on the right side of the list.

Team member edit page

Team member edit page

The information available on the Team member page is:

  1. Basic Team information: Here, you can define the Team member’s name, title, email and phone number and the group they belong to (if you are using Arrivy’s Group feature).  Both email and phone number can be used by Arrivy’s Team Notifications feature (see ), which allows Team members to be sent email/SMS messages listing their assignments, the day before they occur.See the section below on sign-up and login information.
  2. Role and Role options: Roles and permissions are described in detail in the section below. If your company is using Groups, Schedulers have two additional options that gives them the ability to schedule Tasks for Groups outside of their own, and to view customers of Groups outside of their own.
  3. Information options: Information options include a the textual Details field, the ability to allow crew members to control location from the Arrivy mobile interface, extra fields and a Skills field. Skills are tags for Team members. You can assign freeform Skill tags and then filter on those tags to help identify appropriate people to assign to Tasks. See the Task Details page information to learn more about Skills filtering.
  4. Password reset: Once a Team member has joined Arrivy, an Admin or Scheduler can reset their password, manually.

Sign-up and Login

Like most web applications, an Arrivy username must be unique. Within Arrivy, either a phone number OR an email address can be used as a username. Using the Add New Team Member page, you can choose to invite users to Arrivy using either email, text message or both. The invitation they receive will contain a link to a Signup page. Here, they will need to select whether they want to use their email address or phone number as their username.

Roles & Permissions

Roles, which govern permissions, are an important element of Arrivy. Roles define the scope of access that a team member has to Arrivy. For example, a SCHEDULER has access to all appointments while FIELD CREW only has access to the appointments they are assigned to.

You can edit the role for a team member by navigating to the Team section and clicking the edit icon for the team member you are interested in changing. Roles can be changed/adjusted at any time and they update immediately. The only constraint is on the main company account–which will always have ADMIN permissions.

Permissions govern which parts of Arrivy the user has access to. The grid below details which elements each role can view and/or edit.

Can modify Settings
Can see all Tasks for Team
Can edit tasks
Can view Activity Feed for all tasks
Can view Activity Feed for their tasks
Can trigger status buttons (e.g. Start, Complete)
Can see tasks assigned to them
Can see the customer name, phone for tasks assigned to them
Can receive Team Notifications
Can do Time Reporting of individual field crew members manually
Can do Time Reporting of all assignees or status reporter

The Limited Access role is a new set of permissions appropriate for part-time crew or for crew members that don’t have any status-reporting responsibility. While the “Field Crew” role allows team members to see all assignment information and to set the status on assignments, the Limited Access role can only see their tasks and the address where the task takes place.

Team Lead’s role is similar to Field Crew but with an extra set of permissions. It can do time reporting of individual assignees manually in addition to all assignees or just the status reporter. While Field Crew can not manually report time for individual assignees but can do for the latter two.

Multi-Group Scheduling

Many delivery and service businesses have Schedulers who create Tasks and do routing for multiple locations. When setting up a Team member as a Scheduler an Admins can specify additional Groups that a Scheduler has access to (besides their own Group). This allows the Scheduler to manage Tasks for their own Group and those additional Groups.

Schedulers can manage Tasks for multiple Groups

Schedulers can manage Tasks for multiple Groups

To specify the additional Groups a Scheduler has access to, simply select them from the Manage Other Groups menu. This menu is only active for Schedulers.


The equipment list and process for editing is similar to adding/editing team members with the proviso that equipment does not have permissions associated with it.

Equipment list

Equipment list

Team & Equipment View

Team & Equipment view is the best way to identify the schedule for individual Team members and assigned equipment. It supports weekly and monthly views, allowing businesses to check a crew member or equipment availability at a glance. 

Another feature of this view is the “Unassigned” slot, which shows the appointments that don’t have any associated Team members. You can find Team & Equipment view under the “Calendar” navigation item. It’s immensely helpful in planning resources for existing work and figuring out the availability for new tasks.


Team Explorer

Arrivy introduces Team Explorer View, this feature allows Schedulers to review the availability of Team members over the course of multiple days. This is useful in situations where there is flexibility in the customer service date, and the availability of appropriately skilled Team members is required.



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