Customer Experience


Arrivy was designed to enhance the “last mile” experience for home service businesses and their customers. Increasing customer engagement and improving the Customer Experience is an important benefit for businesses that use Arrivy. Customers appreciate knowing when crews will arrive and the increased information and transparency that Arrivy provides. Customers respond with more and better reviews and recommendations for Arrivy-powered businesses.

Automated Notifications

Arrivy provides a variety of messages and notifications to customers. These notifications are sent via email or SMS or both. In order for these communications to be sent, email and/or SMS switches have to be turned on in the customer information dialog. This is typically set by your scheduler.

Customer communications settings

Customer communications settings

Once this has been done, customers will be notified:

  • When the job is initially scheduled
  • If a job has been rescheduled
  • A day before the scheduled date and time
  • When the crew is enroute
  • When the crew is about a mile from the customer’s location
  • When the job is complete

Fewer No-Shows

As a result of these notifications, Arrivy’s customers have reported reducing “no-show” appointments by an average of 30%. One customer reported that—even though they call every customer the morning of their appointment—Arrivy’s automated messages via SMS has significantly reduced these no-shows. This has positively affected their profitability. So, ensure that your communications settings are appropriately configured.

Crew Tracking

We often talk about Arrivy as “UBER-izing” home service businesses. One of the things people love about UBER is the ability to see their driver’s progress and anticipating when they will arrive. Arrivy has a similar capability.

When a crew member presses the “On our way” status button, a message is sent to the customer letting them know the crew is enroute. The message includes a link taking them to a “Live Track” page.

Arrivy UBERizes the customer experience

Arrivy UBERizes the customer experience

The Live Track page lets them monitor the progress of the team. As noted, when the team is about a mile from the customer’s location, the customer will get another message letting them know that the Team is approaching.

Better Reviews

For home service businesses success or failure is often measured by number of YELP reviews. For better or for worse, YELP, and to a lesser extent—Facebook, Angies List and Google—have become a proxy for walking over to your neighbor’s house and asking, ‘Can you recommend a good gardener?’ Arrivy has been extremely successful in helping our businesses increase both the number and rating of their reviews. Arrivy automatically prompts customers to rate you on when a job is marked as complete—again, via email/SMS.

Customers are automatically prompted for reviews

Customers are automatically prompted for reviews

If the customer rates you 4 or 5 stars, they are also prompted to post their rating on YELP, Facebook or other social sites that you configure. And, you’re immediately emailed the review—so, you know if it’s good news. And, if it’s a poor rating you can contact the customer immediately to make it right.

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