Field Crew Experience


Arrivy was designed to enhance the “last mile” experience for home service businesses and their customers. Field Crew—or what Arrivy terms as, “Team members”—play an important role in actually performing the service. Arrivy provides a variety of tools that help connect the Scheduler and Team members to ensure that everyone is on the same page, and that progress (or lack thereof) is quickly and easily communicated.

Team Notifications

Arrivy provides the ability to automatically send reminders to Team members listing their tasks, the day before those assignments occur. These notifications can be sent via email, SMS or both, and permit Team members to respond and accept all, some or none of their assignments.

Example Notification email sent to Team member

Example Notification email sent to Team member

There are a variety of Team Notifications options available to Arrivy Schedulers and Administrators through the Settings interface. To learn more about Team Notifications see the Settings section:

Arrivy’s Mobile Apps

Team members in the field use Arrivy’s mobile apps to communicate status and log information germane to the job. Arrivy has both iOS and Android apps and support phone and tablet form factors. While the apps can be installed directly from the Apple App Store and from Android Play, the easiest way to get them on crew devices is for the Scheduler or Arrivy Admin to “create” a crew member within Arrivy. The service will automatically generate an email invite with a link on where/how to download and install the app.

Field Crew

Once in the app, Team members can view their list of Tasks, view Task details, and set Task status.

Arivvy & Location Services

Arrivy tracks crew locations in order to report those locations to Dispatch on the Arrivy Dashboard and also to accurately record Task mileage. Crew tracking uses the Team member’s phone’s GPS to determine location. Like all Android and iOS apps, Arrivy’s use of GPS is constrained by the app’s privacy/permission settings. Typically, users provide permission for the app to track location while it is being used.

Location reporting does have an impact on battery charge–although that impact is difficult to quantify. Recent versions of iOS and Android (as well as modern GPS chips) are very smart about minimizing battery use. If this is a concern, clicking on a Team member under the Team tab, lets Admins set a switch letting the Team member turn off location tracking within Arrivy mobile apps. Arrivy strongly recommends this option be left in the default (OFF) position.

Setting Statuses

One of the benefits of Arrivy is its automated communications capabilities. In particular, this enhances the customer experience by providing more information and transparency. Some of these communications are triggered by setting certain “Statuses.” “Statuses” refers to the buttons available on the mobile and web apps (e.g. “On our way,” “Task started” )—as shown in the middle phone image, above. Using the Status triggers is important for gaining the full benefit of Arrivy.

Note that pressing a Status button will automatically register in the Scheduler/Dispatcher’s Activity Feed view.

Arrivy Administrators are able to customize the Status buttons that are available for each job, or each kind of job that Team members are engaged in. For example, an estimate may have different Status buttons available than a repair. However, there are several important buttons that will likely appear on every job:

  • On our way: Triggering “On our way,” will automatically send the customer a message letting them know you are enroute, giving them an estimate of your arrival time and letting them click-through to a map view showing the Team’s location. When the Team is approximately one mile from the customer’s location, Arrivy will automatically send an “Approaching” message via either email or SMS.
  • Task started: Indicates that a Task has begun and is used to calculate job time. If the Arrivy Admin has enabled Auto-Start/Complete, Arrivy will automatically create a Start event based on arrival at customer location.
  • Task completed: Indicates that a Task is complete and is used to calculate job time, as well as estimated time of arrival at the next job. If the Arrivy Admin has enabled Auto-Start/Complete, Arrivy will automatically create a Complete event based on departure from customer location.
  • Notes: Arrivy provides the ability to create notes that are archived with the Task. These notes can include attachments; you can take photos that are stored with a job, as well as attachments and voice recordings. These notes are shared with the Scheduler and can, optionally, be shared with the customer.
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