What’s New in Arrivy?

Jan 16, 2020

  • New Time Report provides outputs time spent per person per job over a specified period.
  •  Changed “24 hr” option in Reporting to instead provide “Yesterday” and “Today” options
  • Fixed a bug where the email and phone icons showing on the Live Track (customer) page didn’t show contact information for the Group the Task belonged to (only the Company).
  • Developed option to restrict Schedulers from seeing customers belonging to any Group other than their own (normally, they can see all company customers). This option is appropriate for customers who want to share Arrivy with their subcontractors. You must contact Arrivy for us to enable this option for your account.
  • In Route Planning, drag-and-drop now works when moving Tasks between routes
  • Route Planning now supports Groups
  • Arrivy now integrates with Calendly, letting your prospects/customers self-schedule appointments using Calendly that generate Tasks or Activities on the Arrivy calendar. See docs here: https://help.arrivy.com/arrivy-calendly/

Jan 2, 2020

  • Optimized Task form so that it renders faster
  • Added some additional styling to Calendar Task views
  • Made horizontal scrollbar persistent (always visible) on Team & Equipment view
  • Sped up rendering of Reporting pages
  • Engineered support for IE11 on LiveTrack page
  • You can now drag and drop Tasks within Team & Equipment view. Dragging a Task and dropping it on a new Team member will result in reassigning the Task to that Team member. Holding the alt-key (Win) or ctrl-key (Mac) while dragging and dropping will add the Team member as an assignee
  • In Route Planning, you can now multi-select Tasks using standard Shift-key or Ctrl-key heuristics. Once multiple Tasks are selected, you can create a new route composed of those Tasks with the New Route button
  • Admins/Schedulers are now sent emails if Team members decline assignments sent to them via Team Notifications
  • Made changes to Linked Task interface in Task Details. The Add Linked Task button is now at the top right corner of the dialog
  • After a job is marked complete, the Task Status page now contains a summary of actual performance (start time and duration) compared to scheduled.
  • The Task Details page now contains a link to open the customer record (to the right of the customer search box)
  • Fixed an issue where duplicating a Template did not copy any extra fields
  • Size of attachments on mobile apps is limited to 25 MB and audio recording is limited to 30 sec

Dec 19, 2019

  • Unscheduled Tasks that have specified date and times are now show within the Calendar, Team & Equipment and List Views. The red “date” icon identifies them as being unscheduled, within these views.
  • Fixed some bugs in printing List View
  • MoversSuite integration now in production beta
  • Fixed some issues with flickering in iOS mobile app
  • Added buttons in mobile apps that allow Schedulers or Admins to open a Task in web view for editing.
  • Added the ability for Vonigo and Current RMS integrations to use/create Linked Tasks. For example, the Current RMS integration will automatically link Delivery and Collection Tasks.

Nov 27, 2019

  • You can now search for Team members in the assignee control on the Task Details page. Simply put your cursor in the control and type.
  • On the Dashboard, added a green border around the images of assignees that accepted Task assignments sent to them via Team Notifications
  • Provided better (brighter) colors on the Dashboard for status items that are urgent and high priority
  • In the Task > List view, you can now choose to view the Task’s communication settings (email/sms)
  • When exporting Tasks from Task > List view, Arrivy will also export the actual start, actual complete times, total time, task time, travel time and external ID (used by integrations)
  • Fixed issue where if Start was clicked before a Task was Rescheduled, we would not calculate Task time correctly.
  • Fixed iOS issue where map pin was sometimes shown in wrong location
  • Customer details and Customer extra fields (found on Customer record) are now imported into Task Details on Tasks for that customer (and visible in Details section of mobile apps)
  • Fixed issue where ratings shown in the Activity stream didn’t respect the ratings setting (stars, NPS, thumbs up/down)

Nov 12, 2019

  • New Route Planning feature added which allows Schedulers to arrange Tasks into routes and view those Tasks interactively on a map
  • Introduced new Workflow nav tab which replaces Requests tab. Route Planning, Worker Requests and Team Notifications are organized under Workflow
  • Dev Portal and API documentation have been updated to reflect new functionality

Nov 7, 2019

  • Schedulers can now support multiple Groups. An additional menu is available when a team member is designated as a Scheduler, that sets these additional Groups (besides the one the Scheduler belongs to).
  • Fixed issue where the route to an address was not show to the customer when crew was ENROUTE
  • Misc bug fixes to iOS app
  • Dev portal updated for new features

Oct 29, 2019

  • When you click on a map pin, a callout appears above the pin. These callouts were moved closer to the pins
  • Extra fields which are displayed in List view can now be exported
  • Group and Template fields are now available for display in List view
  • Fixed a minor bug in customer engagement reports
  • Fixed a bug in NPS reporting where scale was displaying 1-11 instead of 0-10
  • Ensured that Linked Tasks were displayed if Task Details page was opened as a “single page” (instead of overlaid on top of another page)–which is often used in integrations
  • Fixed a bug where Android app was reporting ENROUTE to primary address even when secondary address was chosen

Oct 23, 2019

  • Activities tab added to Tasks nav. The Activities tab displays a list of Activities identifying type, details, etc. If an Activity is generated via API (from a CRM system, for example), then the Activity can display additional information such as extra fields, a follow-up Task scheduling date and time, etc.
  • Tasks now display an icon in Task views to distinguish between Scheduled Tasks, Unscheduled Tasks and Linked Tasks
  • Pipedrive integration can now create Linked Tasks
  • When opening a Task, the nav would be set to Task Details only when the current status was NOT STARTED. There are now a variety of statuses that will result in Task Details being displayed including NOSHOW, LATE, RESCHEDULED
  • Fixed a tooltip that was displaying nonsensical info when hovering over Address titles in Task Details
  • Modified logic on when opening a Task would automatically go to Status tab as opposed to Details tab
  • If using the NPS rating system, the selected rating (0 – 10) will be colored and slightly enlarged after selection
  • Info icons linking to help articles added to selected integrations on Settings > Apps & Integrations
  • API – webhook notification sent on Task Group change

Oct 14, 2019

Oct 2, 2019

  • Fixed some issues where reports were occasionally displaying blanks or zeros
  • Added link to “What’s new in Arrivy?” page in app
  • Formatted Supplies PDF report

Sept 25, 2019

  • Changes that are pushed to a Task via the API now show a </> icon in the Task Journal (and the text “API” on mouseover)
  • Search was added on the Team and Equipment main pages
  • Pipedrive integration add to Settings > Apps & Integrations. Pipedrive is a traditional CRM
  • Improved template for customer recommendations (customer can use to message friends from the web view of their Task)
  • Reminder messages sent are now recorded in the Task Journal

Sept 12, 2019

  • New Task Messages feature introduced. Permits access to Task Journal and messaging interface for the day’s Tasks directly from the Dashboard
  • Supplies feature released. Allows movers to specify packing supplies that go-out and return on a truck and calculates the supplies used as the difference

Aug 26, 2019

  • Provided the ability to specify the hour when a customer reminder is sent out. Previously, it was always sent out at the appointment time (1 or 2 days prior to the appointment)
  • Ability to set working hours for calendar views
  • Added cookie notice to web site

July 15, 2019

  • Extra fields defined in templates can now use dropdown (combo) controls
  • Fixed issue where extra fields defined on a template weren’t showing up in mobile apps
  • Template for forgotten password updated
  • Substantial changes made to login process and to Team member pages to improve process of inviting Team members to Arrivy.
  • Team members have option of using phone number as login name instead of email address (must be selected on first login)
  • SMS or email messages that fail to be sent (bounce) are flagged as such in the Task Journal
  • Unscheduled Tasks that have a date specified are now shown on that date in Calendar views
  • Removed Group dropdown from the Reports where being viewed by a Team member who only has visibility to a single group
  • Task type is now exposed to Zapier integration
  • Added permission to Basic settings that lets companies limit the customer information shared with Field crew via mobile apps
  • Fixed bug where list of custom messages was not displayed in dropdown menus in Customer Messages section of Templates